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Black Shirt Brewing Co is a progressive, artisanal brewery located in the RiNo Art District in Denver, CO. The brewery was founded by brothers Chad and Branden Miller and Chad's wife Carissa. Our focus is on creating unique, assertive, vibrant, complex, and ultimately perfectly-balanced beer. We do everything by hand, in small batches. No gimmicks. No bull shit.

Genuine. Passionate. Soulful. Authentic. Beer.

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Valentines Day...

Each year for Valentines Day, we try and do a little something special that breaks from the status quo. We've done chocolate pairings, dessert pairings, and unique and delicious beers. Each time, we try and step it up in terms of execution, but keep the feeling lowbrow and approachable. We've all seen Valentines Day dinners at high-end restaurants that exploit the use of "aphrodisiacs" and that try to capitalize on this "holiday," often leaving a giant hole in your wallet where money used to be. Black Shirt's approach has always been to do something small, interesting, and at a price everyone can afford in a setting everyone can feel comfortable. It is after all, love, that we are celebrating on this day, right? 

This year's approach is in the same vein - though we've stepped up the pairing. We have teamed up with Sweet Action Ice Cream, arguably the best ice cream shop in the country, let alone here in Denver, to create a pairing of unmatched quality. They have taken our American Red Porter, a handful of chiles and spices, their ideas and talent, and created a fantastic ice cream. We've taken the same beer, added the same chiles and spices, and created a unique and incredibly delicious beer. The beer is creamy, rounded, and supple with a delicious smoky note and a touch of heat, a hint of cinnamon spice, and a finish that'll drive you absolutely crazy. On Sat, Feb 14th, you'll be able to taste our creations. Until then stay safe, let the one you love know it, and we'll see you on Valentines Day!

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