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Black Shirt Brewing Co is a progressive, artisanal brewery located in the RiNo Art District in Denver, CO. The brewery was founded by brothers Chad and Branden Miller and Chad's wife Carissa. Our focus is on creating unique, assertive, vibrant, complex, and ultimately perfectly-balanced beer. We do everything by hand, in small batches. No gimmicks. No bull shit.

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Monday, June 23, 2014

Track Numbers Defined...

It's come to our attention that we haven't really described or defined our "Track Listings" all that well. We have in certain occasions, like if you've ever sat in a bar stool in the tap room and inquired, but not all that well outside of that. This post should clear up some of the confusion and describe why we do it this way.

First off, these track numbers are batch numbers. It's honestly that simple. Hopefully you know that everything we do is musically inspired. Take American Red Saison #2014-02 for example. You already know that you're sipping our American Red Saison, right?! The #2014-02 notation is there to show you that this is the second batch of Saison that we brewed in 2014. Now you can further pinpoint the details of this particular glass (or can or growler) of beer, and find out more about it. 

Maybe you don't give a shit and just want to drink your beer without a bunch of information being crammed down your throat! Great, do exactly that. But if you, like us, like to know what you're eating, what you're drinking, where it came from, and who made it, then you'll really geek out on what we're doing with these track numbers. Once you've identified the track number on your beer, go to the website, click the Albums page, and click on the beer you're drinking. A list of tracks will pull up and you'll be able to decipher alcohol percentage, bitterness level, color, ingredients, date brewed, date packaged, a note about the beer, tasting notes, and even see pics from the particular batch of beer you're enjoying! 

We're talking about education, enlightenment, and connection to beer on a level that is unseen in the market, and our hope is to persuade more breweries to talk about their beer, tell its story, and engage their audience a bit more. 

It's not a gimmick, it's not a hoax. This is meaningful and powerful. We hope you enjoy the extra efforts that we make to ensure you know exactly what you're drinking. Cheers!

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